The 10 hottest topics for the week of February 24, 2006

1 Vice President Cheney shoots Austin attorney while hunting The VP insists it was an accident. However, he also insists that he was hunting ”quail,” not ”Quayle,” and I’m not so sure how much I believe that.

2 Jerry Springer disinvited from a Florida school dance Jilted! Publicly humiliated! The perfect Springer guest!

3 Robert Redford says Sundance is ”close to being out of control” Close?!? Yeah, and Green Day is just a tad popular. What year is this, 1992?

4 Britney Spears blames driving with infant in lap on paparazzi The paparazzi actually agree to take the blame on the condition that she ”doesn’t try to pin that K-Fed clown on us, too.”

5 Rent available on DVD Advice: Rent, don’t buy.

6 Kevin Costner to debut new band at charity golf tourney Take the word jock, replace the j with an r, and you have rock . Of course, if you replace it with an m instead, you get mock . I have a feeling all three will come into play here.

7 Al Michaels traded from ESPN to NBC for a cartoon rabbit named Oswald Man, if you’re gonna be traded for a cartoon rabbit, you better make sure his name is either Bugs or Roger. Sheesh.

8 Willie Nelson introduces BioWillie, an alternative fuel made from vegetable oils Why do I have the sneaking suspicion he’s already tried to smoke this?

9 Brian Dunkleman begins American Idol blog at The former cohost ends each entry with the words ”Dunkleman Out!” — which is true on so many levels.

10 Warren Buffett to appear in new animated series on financial planning Does this mean poor Al Michaels is on the trading block again?