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This second-to-last challenge yielded pretty lackluster results. The remaining four were asked to make evening gowns for Iman, who will wear the winning gown at a “big event.” Hmmm, suspiciously vague, no? Like Oscars big event? Or church-soccer-league-banquet big event? Heidi later clarified, saying “red carpet event.” (But my church soccer league rolls pretty large, yo!) But at least we saw the return of Austin Scarlett — dressed like Bea Arthur no less (Oh, Dorothy!). But I digress. On to the contestants:

SANTINO The gang learned the secret to the design industry was “Be nice!” But rest assured, Santino didn’t disappoint. Nasty Santino returned, irked by a chalkboard holla Nick left for Daniel to win it all. Santino sniped that Nick was “fickle,” before offering up a Nick imitation. (Not bad, but his Michael Kors is better: “It’s like you guys live in a Renaissance fair!”) Later, Santino confessed that he fears he’s becoming that “a–hole who helps everyone.” Wait, who exactly has he helped? I’m starting to love-hate Santino again. His dress was terrible; the guy doesn’t know when to stop. Coins coins everywhere!

CHLOE I’m glad Chloe took a chance and changed it up this week. But she failed. “It looks like a bathing suit with some sort of towel wrapped around it,” sniped Tim Gunn. Finally, the perpetual stick in the mud digresses from blase “Make it work” mantras, which he eventually did resume. Indeed, Chloe’s gown looked sleek, but it had a little extra junk in the trunk, didn’t it? The judges also questioned Chloe’s devotion to design. Her whimpering response — “I have the passion” — didn’t exactly convince me.

KARA (pictured) Oh, I kinda forgot she was still on the show. Congrats for that, I suppose. Her new hairstyle really works for her. Her black dress was harmless, although it was priceless when Kara romanticized a bit, calling her design a “blank canvas.” Well, her blank canvas was met by my blank stare. Farewell, Kara.

DANIEL Daniel’s luxe midnight-blue gown was the clear winner this week. That said, was it really special? Everyone else’s blew, so I suppose Daniel wins again by default, by playing it safe. And congrats to Heidi for making everyone pick their choices for finals.

So I’m calling it now, and fittingly, I’m playing it safe: Daniel will be our champion.

What do you think? Who will win?

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