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You can’t judge a book by its cover, or so goes the old saying, but clearly that idiom was written long before the age of America’s Next Top Model. In fact, UPN’s guilty-pleasure reality series (which returns March 8) is a closed-book experience on so many levels. And now that UPN has posted before-and-after snapshots of Cycle 6’s 13 finalists — part of something the network is billing as a season of ”transformation” — it’s time to let your inner cat out of the bag.

Based purely on first impressions, I’m picking crazy-beautiful chemist Nnenna (pictured) and striking waitress Mollie Sue for the final two, with Nnenna triumphing on account of her extra saucy moniker. As for the model least likely to make the top 12: I hate to sound ageist and all, but methinks the network made a typo on house painter Kathy‘s age. She looks less like 20 and more like f-f-f-forty if you ask me.

Okay, PopWatchers, now it’s your turn to place your bets: With 20 days till we hear America’s best TV themesong — Wanna be on top! Na na na na na na… — who’s your pick to win it all?

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