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So our pals at TV Tattle linked today to Toronto Star columnist Vinay Menon’s 712-word diatribe about how Lost‘s Ana Lucia (Michelle Rodriguez) deserves to die. I won’t even mention that Menon forfeits any right to have an opinion by also advocating Grey’s Anatomy‘s writers kill off Katherine Heigl’s Izzie, but even so: What’s with the hateration folks keep directing at Ana Lucia? Nobody said a character needs to be likable to be enjoyable in the context of a series’ plotlines. And frankly, by pairing off A-L with self-righteous Jack, it frees up Kate to explore all that stovetop-hot chemistry she’s got with Sawyer.

What do you think: Should Ana Lucia be marked for death? Or should she be allowed to keep breathing life into the highly addictive Lost?

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