Chin up, fans of American Idol‘s littlest cowboy, Garet Layne Johnson. True, when we last saw the wide-eyed 18-year-old from Veteran, Wyo. (population: 4), he was sobbing into the sculpted arms of fellow rejected wannabe Matthew Buckstein, but not to worry: Apparently, the kid’s got access to the Internet! And with the launch of Garet Johnson Online, you can chart the humble crooner’s trajectory from highly likable Idol contestant to: a) unlikely future chart-topper; b) dinner-theater headliner; c) Surreal Life participant; or d) jaded ex-con. Take your pick.

Anyhow, there are other folks who could use your sympathy. Like NBC executives, who have to deal with the fact that Idol pulled in about 10 million more viewers than their Olympic coverage last night. Of course, the news is going to get even worse for the Peacock when Joey takes over the Tuesday 8 p.m. time slot come March 7. Somehow, I don’t even think a Jennifer Aniston cameo would help Matt LeBlanc’s struggling sitcom against the Paula-Simon-Randy juggernaut. Then again, perhaps a walk-on by a certain pint-sized cowpoke would rustle up some ratings glory for the Friends spinoff.

What do you think, PopWatchers?