, Junebug, ...

So what do Oscar nominees Amy Adams, Frances McDormand, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Samantha Morton, Meryl Streep, and Rachel Weisz have in common? They were all at some point nominated for an Academy Award for playing a pregnant woman: Adams in Junebug; McDormand in Fargo (she actually won); Moreno for Maria Full of Grace; Morton for In America; Streep for A Cry in the Dark; and Weisz for The Constant Gardener.

Your responses were “better’n Christmas,” as 2005 Supporting Actress nominee Amy Adams chirps of her character’s approaching labor pains in Junebug (pictured). I knew this one would be a mere trifle to a lot of you, though thankfully most of you were gentler with my crumbling ego this week.

The questions will continue to be Oscar-themed, so brush up on your golden-guy trivia for Friday!

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Interestingly, though many of you knew the theme was pregnancy,those who heeded my request for specificity actually didn’t know in whichfilms Morton and Streep especially played preggers. But I gave you credit anyway,since I am a benevolent blogfather and now of course you owe me.

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