They could run America’s Next Top Model(returning March 8) 52 weeks a year and I’d be happy — it’s my ultimate guilty pleasure. On the flip side, though, I’ve got a gut feeling NBCshould’ve held off for a few more months before scheduling thefifth-season premiere of The Apprentice (now! with more Trumps!) in a new Monday-night time slot (starting Feb. 27).

Most reality-TV producers have something to learn from American Idol: restraint. Fox only schedules its hit singing competition once a year — from January through May. I imagine it can’t be an easy decision to keep the nation’s highest-rated series off the airwaves for six months, but as the old saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and that’s one reason I think Idol still feels so fresh. Be honest: Do veteran series such as Survivor, The Bachelor, and The Amazing Race give you the same kind of anticipatory tinglies before their season premieres?

Which reality series do you think would most benefit from a sabbatical? And which one will you watch no matter how frequently it airs?