Credit: Prince: Grayson Alexander/Retna

Is Prince the real-life Willy Wonka? He holes up in his mysterious Paisley Park complex, where he mixes up magical and strange confections of funk/rock/R&B. He even dresses like Gene Wilder’s purple-jacketed candymaker from the 1971 movie. So it’s a no-brainer that he’d try a Wonka-esque promotion for his forthcoming album 3121, due March 21.

According to fansite, he’s including seven ”purple tickets” inside random copies of the CD that entitle the bearer to attend a private concert at Prince’s home. Yes, Eminem and other artists have offered similar giveaways, but not even Marshall Mathers is as famously private as Prince. Plus, it looks like Prince is preparing to open up to TV interviewers, including Oprah, Larry King, 60 Minutes (presumably, to young, earring-wearing hipster Ed Bradley), and Ellen DeGeneres.

Not sure if an open, friendly Prince will be as intriguing as the Wonka-esque eccentric we’ve marveled at over the years, but given the fiery preview of his new tracks he offered on Saturday Night Live a week ago, I don’t think we need to fear that Prince is losing his musical edge.