Would you stop reading this blog if you knew that sometimes I watch Starting Over? I don’t mean to watch it. Really! But it comes on after Martha here in New York, and it’s totally hypnotic. So what do you say? Maybe tonight we can all stand inside giant refrigerator boxes and — quite literally — tear down our walls. And then maybe cry. Just a little. And after that, we’ll be open — open to rediscovering some of our favorite entertainers that we haven’t experienced in a while, including the following:

-The Bluths: Not that I need to tell you, but Fox is burning off taking Arrested Development out of the mothballs and airing this season’s final four episodes tonight. (Fox, 8-10 pm, EDT). Note: I’m not yet willing to say the last four episodes ever. As long as exec producer Mitch Hurwitz hasn’t stuck a fork in the best sitcom on television, why should I?

-The stars of the Winter Olympics: Yep, it’s been four years since most of us obsessed about Michelle Kwan, Apollo Anton Ohno, and Daron Rahlves, but those athletes and more will be back for the next 17 days, starting with the telecast of tonight’s opening ceremonies. (NBC, 8-11 pm, EDT).

-Cary Grant: When was the last time you ch-ch-checked out a film starring the man that EW’s Ken Tucker calls ”the funniest, most intelligent, best-looking, and least self-conscious of actors.” Well, The Cary Grant Box Set, which includes 1933’s Holiday, costarring Doris Nolan and Katharine Hepburn (pictured) — and which Tucker gives an A — is a good place to get reacquainted.

-Nina Simone: Speaking of artists who’ve gotten a little love in the pages of EW recently, our own David Browne gave the lowdown on four reissues/compilations from the late, great Ms. Simone, none of them scoring lower than a B+.

-Shakira: Okay, Oral Fixation, Vol. 2 is still in heavy rotation in my apartment, but this old MAD TV clip a friend sent me is still pretty hilarious, especially the ”I could sing about pancake batter” lyric. So wrong; so funny.

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