Think you can catch music videos only on TV? Think again -- They're just a mouse click away

C’mon, old-schoolers, quit your whining. You may not see as many videos on TV these days, but if you scour online hot spots like iTunes, Yahoo Music, or AOL Music, as well as official band sites and, yes, even MTV Overdrive, you can find your favorite artists’ minimovies whenever, wherever, and more than ever. Given the bounty of choices, we rounded up 14 red-hot clips that’ll melt away the winter blues.

DEVENDRA BANHART ”Heard Somebody Say”
Freak-folkie and his hippie clan romp around New York’s Coney Island (and in bed with white-veiled Mercury Music Prize winner Antony) in this enchantingly lighthearted clip — a playful contrast to the song’s serious antiwar refrain: ”We don’t wanna kill.” A?
Watch the video here

PRINCE ”Black Sweat”
After sleepwalking through the unsexy ”Te Amo Corazón,” Prince redeems himself by bringing back ”Kiss”-era sass, which causes a lovely lady to shake her assets in this suave, electro-funky B&W clip. Back in ”Black,” indeed. B+
Watch the video here

For this tribute to the Cartoon Network’s insane Aqua Teen Hunger Force show, the indie-rap duo offer a comic-book-influenced video featuring a lovable wad of talking meat. A must-see for fans of superhero foodstuffs. A?
Watch the video here

WEEZER ”Perfect Situation”
24‘s Elisha Cuthbert is the wild-child frontwoman of a band called Weeze, and Rivers Cuomo is her long-suffering road manager,until one fateful night, the script gets flipped…and another minor-classic Weezer clip is born. B+
Watch the video here

Although the Peas’ latest single evokes the early era of jazzy hip-hop soul, codirectors Syndrome Studios (an L.A. art collective) and shutterbug Nabil Elderkin lend the song new-school vision by constructing a high-tech collage of vibrant graphic design, animation, painting, photography, and live action. B+
Watch the video here

Lead singer Tyson Ritter, the Clark Kent of arena punk, is put through his paces — and about two dozen wardrobe changes — by director Marc Webb (My Chemical Romance’s ”Ghosts of You”) in what amounts to a triumph of quick-cut edits. A?
Watch the video here

ARCTIC MONKEYS ”When the Sun Goes Down”
The chart-busting Brits’ darting narration slyly depicts the doomed relationship between a tattered prostitute and her ruthless pimp. The manic vibe is reminiscent of director Guy Ritchie’s pre-Madonna — i.e., not terrible — films. A
Watch the video here

ALICIA KEYS ”Every Little Bit Hurts”
Keys meets Good Night, and Good Luck in an elegant black-and-white performance-driven clip that honors the retro vibe of her churchy ballad by transporting the singer and her band to the set of a 1950s television studio. B?
Watch the video here

M.I.A. ”Bucky Done Gun”
The 2005 blog-buzz queen’s first video to see rotation on MTV’s main channel; its rough-hewn block-party visuals lock compellingly into the chaotic dancehall beats and feminine bravado that have made Arular (XL) a cult hit among the usually indie-rock- centric hipsterati. B
Watch the video here

SIGUR RÓS ”HoppÍpolla”
The role-reversal concept behind this mushy charmer sees senior citizens igniting firecrackers, hurling rocks through glass, and generally acting like delinquent whippersnappers. The Icelandic quartet’s dreamy melodies trump the overt sentimentality. B
Watch the video here

We’d just as soon change the channel if not for her. That’s right, Laguna Beach queen bee Kristin Cavalleri elevates the predictable hot-girl-falls-for-indie-geek video formula to the level of totally awesome high school melodrama. B
Watch the video here

JENNY LEWIS ”Rise Up With Fists!”
The ineffably cute songstress indulges in the twangy feel of her new solo CD’s tunes with a loving parody of Southern-fried variety show Hee Haw. Sneeze and you may miss a goofy cameo from comic Sarah Silverman. B+
Watch the video here

Taking a page from Lisa ”Left Eye” Lopes’ real-life fire-starting escapades, the country looker burns that mother down by pouring a miles-long trail of the flammable fluid. A bit literal, but worth the explosive payoff. B?
Watch the video here

KANO ”Signs of Life”
In this crisp clip, the gifted U.K. rapper takes refuge from London’s nighttime cityscapes inside a humming hip-hop den washed in warm amber light. Intense and unflinching, it’s a perfect visual companion to the jarring track. B+
Watch the video here

— Ryan Dombal, Raymond Fiore, Leah Greenblatt, and Margeaux Watson