Rose of No Man's Land

Michelle Tea throws down her first novel with confidence acquired after four well-received memoirs: Rose of No Man’s Land is balls-out from the start, with Tea drawing on her poor Massachusetts upbringing to voice Trisha, a 14-year-old malcontent who speaks in capital letters (”You’re Not Being Fair. You’re Taking Me Out Of Context”) and whose main pleasure in life is lying in bed drinking beer. Trisha befriends rebellious, so-nuts-she’s-sane Rose — the kind of gal who’ll whip a used tampon at a car full of catcalling boys — and the two embark on a drug- and sex-fueled whirlwind that would make Courtney Love blush. Not for the faint of heart, Tea’s writing is raw, funny, and tragic, but never forced. Her memoirist’s eye yields fiction that reads true.

Rose of No Man's Land
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