Harrison Ford says he has ”no doubt” that a fourth Indiana Jones movie will come together. ”We’re closer than we’ve ever been. There’s a script upon which there’s pretty general agreement,” he tells EW writer Gregory Kirschling in the magazine’s new issue. Why the holdup? ”George [Lucas] has been a bit busy making these sci-fi films he likes. And Steven [Spielberg] has had a film or two, in turn. So it really is not that easy to pull the pieces together, but I think everybody feels it’s a worthy ambition. I know in my heart it’s gonna happen.” Besides, he says, ”I’d like to get it over with so I don’t have to answer the god-damned questions [about it] anymore.”

Among the oft-asked questions: Can the 63-year-old actor still handle the franchise’s action demands? It appears so to Kirschling, who watched Ford throw himself into some punishing-looking stunts on the set of his new movie Firewall. Oops, don’t call them stunts. ”I don’t do stunts! I do physical acting! That’s a big f—ing difference,” Ford tells Kirschling. ”I have no ambition to do stunts. I have an ambition to tell a story with physical action.”

Okay, then, what story with physical action would you like to see Ford tell in Indy 4? And which costars should he tell it with? (I’d suggest sending Ford’s whip-wielding archaeologist to find the Fountain of Youth, but I think Hugh Jackman is going to beat him to it in Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain.)