Grading the Super Bowl ads The best and the worst of the big game's commercial spots

Grading the Super Bowl ads


AMERIQUEST ”Doctor” Everybody but the HMOs laugh as a pesky fly, defibrillator paddles, and an unconscious body give ”funny as a heart attack” new meaning. A

BUD LITE ”Secret Fridge” Guys pray at the altar of a revolving wall that unmasks a Magic Fridge with beer. Hey, didn’t this once happen on Scooby-Doo ? B+

FEDEX ”Stick” Next to Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer, our favorite prehistoric working stiff. Bonus points for retribution after punting a mini dino. B


DIET PEPSI ”Hip-Hop Can” Diddy selling out was no surprise, but Jay Mohr? Dude, call us. And that ”Brown & Bubbly” tag brings to mind NYC tap water. F

BURGER KING ”America’s Favorite” Brooke Burke stars in this loud, orgiastic Busby Berkeley spoof. Proves it is possible to sink lower than hosting E!’s Wild On. D

BUDWEISER ”Clydesdale American Dream” Did anyone actually enjoy watching a pony voluntarily put on a harness and pull a wagon? Our answer: Neigh. C-

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