EW Truth Police patrols ''Project Runway'' -- We get to the bottom of Bravo's reality model showcase

EW Truth Police patrols ”Project Runway”

An inexplicably ruched bra top. An Empire waist more maternity than mod. A skating dress inspired by, apparently, a turkey. Project Runway contestant Santino’s designs have been deemed ”ugly” and ”not aesthetically pleasing” by the judges, and he’s been close to elimination on three occasions…yet at press time he was still in the running. Could Runway‘s producers (including judge Heidi Klum) be keeping Santino on simply because his bitchy personality makes for good TV? ”I often thought that too,” says season 1 champ and season 2 guest judge Jay McCarroll. ”I was scared that I was only here on personality! But there was no conspiring.” So what about the show’s disclaimer that states: ”The Judges considered both their scores and input from the Producers and Bravo in reaching their elimination decisions”? Sounds as scripted as Prêt-è-Porter to us. ”Producers and Bravo would only get involved if there’s a tie, and we didn’t have any ties this season,” says Runway executive producer Andrew Cohen. Still, a feathered skating dress? ”The judges always respond to a strong point of view, even if it doesn’t always work,” says Cohen. ”Their scoring is more forgiving if they’ve seen great things in [past] challenges.” Fine, but that still doesn’t explain Wendy Pepper.

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