Dave Chappelle, back in the spotlight after his self-imposed hiatus, put together his dream concert lineup (Kanye West, Common, Dead Prez, a friggin’ reunion of the Fugees!) and made magic happen on an otherwise damp and dreary fall day in Brooklyn. Director Michel Gondry, shooting on Super 16 film and using nine different cameras, captures the concert, as well as the jubilant road trip that led up to it from Chappelle’s Dayton, Ohio, hometown. Along the way, he picks up a series of hangers-on, like a middle-aged convenience store clerk and a college marching band and, in Brooklyn, a gaggle of kids from a local day-care center. As the master MC, Chappelle keeps the fans pumped and the rhythm strong with his effortless stand-up. ”Dave has something with an audience that is just uncontrollable,” marvels Gondry. ”He just has to be on screen and everybody goes bonkers. It’s always good as a director to feel like ‘Oh, the audience needs to stop laughing so loud or they’re going to miss the next funny line!”’ (March 3)

Dave Chappelle's Block Party
  • Movie
  • 100 minutes