The 10 hottest topics for the week of February 17, 2006

1 Rolling Stones lyrics censored during Super Bowl performance I assume that was to protect the kiddies. But honestly, isn’t the sight of Ron Wood’s face a gazillion times more nightmare-inducing than Janet Jackson’s nipple?

2 Charles in Charge: The Complete First Season now on DVD Buddy Lembeck enters the digital age. The digital age responds by asking, ”Who the hell is Buddy Lembeck?”

3 Dave Chappelle tells Oprah he felt like a ”prostitute” doing his show Slightly better paid, though. Unless he’s talking about those high-end gals over on…uh, never mind.

4 Paris Hilton upset that a man is trying to sell her diaries and other effects for $20 million Ooookay. So why doesn’t she just, I don’t know, buy them? Seriously, if she can’t afford it, who can?

5 James Bond director Lee Tamahori busted for alleged prostitution Lee, you and Dave should talk…

6 Bryan Adams says he only loves three of the 30 new songs he’s written Man, he really comes off as a perfectionist — until you consider that these are Bryan Adams songs we’re talking about.

7 Robert Blake files for bankruptcy Moral or financial?

8 Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Larry David wins Writers Guild Award for best writing in a comedy series Wow, impressive. Imagine if he actually wrote scripts.

9 Coat that Dead or Alive singer Pete Burns claimed was made from endangered gorilla fur instead comes from monkey pelts Look, I don’t understand this item any more than you do. In fact, it kinda spins me right round, baby, right round, like a record, baby, right round, round round.

10 Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow break up Honestly, I’m still too distracted by Pete Burns’ gorilla fur to comment.