Credit: Arrested Development: Sam Urdank

Fox giveth, and Fox taketh away.

Tonight at 8, the network airs its final four episodes of Arrested Development back to back — opposite the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics on NBC. In honor of the finale of Season 3 (and perhaps the entire series, unless ABC or Showtime steps up to the plate), EW writer Dan Snierson got series creator Mitch Hurwitz to list his five favorite episodes in the new issue of the magazine.

Hurwitz fudged a little, picking seven episodes, including two of the ones airing tonight. (EW’s Henry Goldblatt agrees; he gives tonight’s AD block, which includes guest spots from Judge Reinhold, William Hung, Bud Cort, and Jason Bateman’s sister Justine, an A+.) The rest of Hurwitz’s list:

”Pier Pressure” (Season 1): Michael (Bateman, above left) teaches his son a lesson about marijuana, only to learn a lesson from his own father about the folly of teaching lessons.

”Making a Stand” (Season 3): In a bookend episode to ”Pier Pressure,” the Bluths learn more lessons about the folly of teaching lessons, and Gob (Will Arnett, above right) gets uncomfortably close to Michael.

”The Ocean Walker” (Season 3): In the culmination of of the five-episode Rita Leeds story arc, Michael (and the audience) learn the shocking truth about his love interest Rita (Charlize Theron).

”Good Grief” (Season 2): George Michael (Michael Cera) learns his grandfather is still alive in this homage to Charles Schulz’ Peanuts characters.

”Motherboy XXX” (Season 2): Henry Winkler jumps the shark. Again.

Agree with Hurwitz? Which AD episodes are your favorites?

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