Alternative DVDs for the most romantic day of the year. On Valentine's Day, cuddle up with these off-the-beaten-path titles
Credit: The Simpson's Kiss and Tell : The Story of Their Love: TM and Copywrite 20th Century Fox Corporation LLC

Alternative DVDs for the most romantic day of the year

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (Unrated, 92 mins., subtitled, 1964, Koch Lorber)
A shopgirl (Catherine Deneuve) and a mechanic (Nino Castelnuovo) find amour in this sung-through French confection.
SWEET TALK ”My love, I’ll wait for you,” croons Deneuve…mere months before marrying another man.
WATCH IT WITH… The one who got away.

Walking and Talking (R, 85 mins., 1996, Miramax)
Laura (Anne Heche) is engaged and happy; her BFF, Amelia (Catherine Keener), is single and bitter; and their cat, Big Jeans, is sick.
SWEET TALK ”You licked my goddamn ears too much,” says Amelia’s porn-obsessed ex (Liev Schreiber).
WATCH IT WITH… Your best friend and a very fat feline.

Two Family House (R, 108 mins., 2000, Lionsgate)
A married Italian ne’er-do-well named Buddy (Michael Rispoli) embarks on a life-altering affair with his lovely Irish tenant Mary (Kelly Macdonald).
SWEET TALK ”I got a feeling about you I never felt before,” says a bumbling Buddy.
WATCH IT WITH… Your true love and a bottle of Chianti.

Kissing Jessica Stein (R, 97 mins., 2002, Fox)
Quirky writer Jessica (Jennifer Westfeldt) clicks with artsy commitmentphobe Helen (Heather Juergensen).
SWEET TALK ”This one leaflet was particularly intriguing,” says Jess on date No. 2. ”’Lesbian sex: hot, safe, and sane.’ Do you know it?”
WATCH IT WITH… A neurotic New Yorker.

The Simpsons: Kiss and Tell — The Story of Their Love (Unrated, 88 mins., 1998-2004, Fox)
Homer and Marge spice up their love life (getting their freak on alfresco? D’oh!) in this four-ep set.
SWEET TALK ”We probably should, you know, rock the casbah,” sighs Marge.
WATCH IT WITH… Your blue-haired honey or Duff-beer-drinking baldy.

What are your favorite romantic flicks?