We’ve got four big movie-casting announcements for you today — all of them involving Oscar-nominated peeps — and you know what that means: It’s time to put ’em in the PopWatch Steel Cage! (I never get tired of saying that.)

-Oscar-nominated Catalina Sandino Moreno (Maria Full of Grace) and Mark Webber have signed on to star in Ethan Hawke’s adaptation of his own novel, The Hottest State, alongside, Josh Zuckerman, Sonia Braga and fellow Oscar nominees Michelle Williams and Laura Linney.

-Perhaps the first reason I’m not entirely thankful for Brokeback Mountain: Adam Sandler and Kevin James are considering roles as firefighters who play gay to score domestic-partner benefits in I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. Then again, maybe this one won’t be so bad: Wedding Crashers director David Dobkin and Oscar-winning writers Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor (Election, Sideways) are also on board for the project.

-Recent Oscar nominee Terrence Howard has two new roles in his future: In the first, he’ll star in PDR (Philadelphia Department of Recreation) a movie about real-life inner-city swim coach Jim Ellis.

-Howard is also part of the eclectic cast of August Rush, also featuring Keri Russell, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Robin Williams. The Hollywood Reporter describes the film as a drama about an orphaned musician who tries to track down his biological parents with the help of a social worker (Howard).

Which movie sounds most promising to you?

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I’m not the world’s biggest fan of Robin Williams’ recent films, but the combo of Howard, Rhys Meyers and my good buddy Felicity sounds like an unbeatable combo, and that’s why August Rush gets my vote.