Credit: Neil Young: Heart of Gold : Ken Regan

Neil Young: Heart of Gold

It requires a stretch of the memory muscles to recall when a concert movie could be an event, but occasionally you see one that bubbles to life. Neil Young: Heart of Gold is the first major rock-star performance film directed by Jonathan Demme since Stop Making Sense (1984), and though it’s wistful, elegiac, and touching where the earlier movie vibrated with the electricity of Talking Heads at their headiest, Demme hasn’t lost a bit of his ability to slow-zoom the camera right into a musician’s soul. In 2005, Young and his band took over Nashville’s fabled Ryman Auditorium to perform the Prairie Wind album, and Young, wizened yet valiant, his voice still braying at the moon, delivers these songs of aging and loss as if caught in a beautiful dream of what lies waiting for him on the other side.

Neil Young: Heart of Gold
  • Movie
  • 103 minutes