Money, A Memoir (Book - Liz Perle)

When Liz Perle was 42, her husband’s company transferred him to Singapore. Soon after she arrived to join him, their 4-year-old in tow, he brusquely informed her their marriage was over. Before she knew it, Perle found herself on a flight to San Francisco, with only the $1,500 her husband had thrust at her in the airport. How did a well-educated woman who had always held a good job suddenly end up broke? For a lot of reasons, Perle says, but primarily because she had an evasive relationship with money — wanting to have it but not wanting to manage it — and believed in the Prince Charming ideal of a husband. ”In spite of years of paying my own way, I couldn’t hand over the checkbook fast enough,” she says of her first marriage. Money is not a self-help book, but a warm, honest, cautionary tale.

Money, A Memoir (Book - Liz Perle)
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