What’s weirder?

A. Michael Jackson is among the artists being considered to set some of the late Pope John Paul II’s prayers to music, according to Father Giuseppe Moscati, head of the group that organizes musical events at the Vatican.

B. B.B. King is offering an autographed ”Lucille” guitar as a reward for information that helps him find his missing 2-year-old Maltese, Lucille, who disappeared in West Hollywood last week.

C. British audiences have voted Homer Simpson the most romantic TV husband of all time.

D. Mariah Carey likes to eat in bed, and wear a bib while she’s doing it, she tells Marie Claire magazine.

E. Brian Boitano appreciates the way he’s parodied on South Park, and is negotiating to win the rights to sell T-shirts for charity emblazoned with his animated image from the Comedy Central series. (Thanks, TV Tattle, for the link!)

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I don’t know about you guys, but I understand the votes for Mr.Simpson, since clearly he does love that Marge somethin’ awful. As forMariah, let’s be honest: The Emancipation of Mimi is such asmash that she can pretty much eat wherever and however she pleases.The news about poor, adorable Lucille just makes me sad, and I can onlygive props to Boitano for being such a good sport about his image. Thatleaves me with option A., a musical mash-up that most likely didn’t getvetted by the church’s P.R. department, and one that I’m suspectingprobably won’t ever see the light of day.