Lots going on in the Law & Order universe.

First, Kathleen Turner is making a rare TV appearance as a defense attorney on tomorrow’s Law & Order; her face-off with prosecutor Jack McCoy will mark a mini-Serial Mom reunion for Turner and Sam Waterston, who played husband and wife in the 1994 John Waters farce.

Second, Ludacris (Crash) makes his TV acting debut on Law & Order: SVU on March 28, playing the nephew of Det. Fin Tutuola (fellow rapper/actor Ice-T).

Finally, as we learned last week, Connie Nielsen will be filling in for SVU‘s Mariska Hargitay for six episodes while she’s on maternity leave, but how will the writers explain Det. Olivia Benson’s absence?

(Answer comes in a spoiler after the jump. Don’t click if you don’t want to know….)

It appears that Benson will be sidelined by a bloody injury. Not sure what kind ofinjury, or how she incurs it, but the New York Post has an advancestill photo of the fallen, bleeding Benson here. Ewww.