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No, not really. But it looks like I stumped you — not one correct answer this week. I feel like Goldilocks — one week too easy; the next, too difficult. So I soldier on, looking for that elusive question that is “just right.”

It helps that I “Google-proofed” this week’s question beforehand, hindering the substantial search-engine skills that led most of you to believe the answer was that they all had hosted Saturday Night Live. While that’s true, it wasn’t the answer that I was looking for. As I’ve mentioned before, I try to pick questions and answers that are specific to a small group of people. In other words, they might have all hosted Saturday Night Live, but so have countless others, even countless other Oscar winners.

But you were close. It did have to do with hosting.

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So what do Geena Davis,Richard Dreyfuss, Tom Hanks,Helen Hunt,Charlize Theron, and Renée Zellweger have in common — besides the fact that they’ve all won Oscars?

They’ve all hosted the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’Scientific and Technical Awards: Davis in 1991; Hanks in 1992; Dreyfussin 1996; Hunt in 1997; Zellweger in 2001; and Theron in 2002. Though ithas in more recent years been a job for an up-and-coming ingenue (KateHudson, Jennifer Garner, Scarlett Johansson have also all done it), itwasn’t always that way. And now Rachel McAdams
will take the podium on Feb. 28 to honor the year’s technical achievements in film.

Surprisingly, since most of you thought you had guessed the rightanswer, there wasn’t a lot of trash-talking this week. Which secretly Imiss. It’s always more fun for me when you get it right.

A hint: I often look at the headlines of the week to derive my questions, as I did on Friday when McAdams wasannounced as this year’s technical-Oscars host. So watch thoseheadlines, PopWatchers, and come back on Friday when we’ll try to findthat “just-right” question for you. Time for porridge!