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As an American, I love the whole excessiveness of the Super Bowl. It’s not enough to have a championship game, you also have to have an A-list halftime show, plus pre-game entertainment, plus the most creative and expensive advertising of the year.

At the same time, in the post-Janet universe, everything has to be safe for children.

So you get crazy combinations like that trippy, pre-kickoff Dr. Seuss cartoon (which I enjoyed, though I kept getting distracted by Harrison Ford’s earring) or that Motown tribute before the game with Stevie Wonder (pictured, with Joss Stone and John Legend) and a traffic jam of other singers and dancers (really, isn’t Stevie Wonder alone entertaining enough?), or that lopsided ”Star-Spangled Banner” (Aaron Neville or Aretha Franklin alone would have been great, but not one after the other — she wiped the floor with him), or the ads, whose cartoonish mayhem rivaled that of old Road Runner cartoons. I liked the Burger King Whopperettes (talk about excess and mayhem, with the literal pile-up at the end of the ad, along with the winking lyrics about the ”freaky King”), the FedEx cavemen, and the goofy ”Addicted to Lost” video.

I also liked the Rolling Stones, though their sound mix started out sludgy, and though the NFL censored them on two songs, with Mick Jagger going silent on a ”Start Me Up” lyric that’s been playing on the radio for 25 years without an FCC complaint. Buried amid all this, the game itself seemed like a dull afterthought (but then, I’m still upset that my Denver Broncos weren’t playing).

What was your favorite part of the Super Bowl XL spectacle?

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