Credit: Al Lewis: Tim Roske/AP

If ever there was a match between an actor and the role he was born to play, it was the casting of Al Lewis as Grandpa Munster. Really, can you imagine anyone else in that Dracula suit, pestering Herman (Fred Gwynne) and the others at 1313 Mockingbird Lane? Some actors complain about being typecast for life in a single role, but not Lewis, who loved being recognized as Grandpa (or, to a lesser exent, as NYPD officer Leo Schnauzer from Car 54, Where Are You?, his first sitcom with Gwynne).

Even if you barely remember The Munsters, you couldn’t picture Lewis without thinking of him as Grandpa, so much so that he called his New York City restaurant Grandpa’s, and when he ran for political office a few years ago, he tried to have his name legally changed to Grandpa Al Lewis. People reports that Lewis died Saturday at age 95, but of course, he’ll live forever (or at least remain undead) in rerun heaven.

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