Jewel’s new video ”Goodbye Alice in Wonderland,” which premieres today at Yahoo Music, serves as an unlikely counterpart to Pink’s new ”Stupid Girls” clip. Both videos are kiss-offs to Hollywood, both are contemptuous of the vanity and shallowness of fame, and each displays more of the singer’s own vanity than she may realize.

But while Pink’s clip is a scathing satire, Jewel’s tone is one of wistful regret. Too bad her lyrics are hard to take seriously; as she acknowledges in the second verse of this ethereal rock ballad, her observations are clichés. What you’re left with is a six-minute extreme closeup of the singer’s face.

Yes, Jewel, you’re lovely to look at, and I’m glad you’ve finally found ”what’s missing in my life,” but what’s missing in mine is any view of the world outside of your head.