With all the awards shows out there, it has become increasingly difficult to find the craziest swag offer. They all crazy! But we try. For example, the Grammys’ $64,000 grab bag contains these gems:

Best Product Name Speaking Roses (pictured). With Valentine’s Day around the corner, who wouldn’t want a dozen long-stemmed roses with flowery prose (or, heck, even your mug) printed on them? Blech. (Value: $60)

Most Expensive Item You Ignite Victoria’s Secret Mood Candle. The girl with the 28-year-old secret has made a jumbo-sized version of this yummy smelling candle for bold-faced performers and presenters. (Value: $200)

Too Much Information Award KY’s touch massage products. Please don’t make me write anything more. (Value: $70)

What would you want in your gift bag?