Has NBC backed down a second time in the face of threats from the religious right? According to Orlando Sentinal TV scribe Hal Boedeker’s blog, Will & Grace no longer plans to make Britney Spears the cohost of a Christian cooking show segment called ”Cruci-fixins.” Boedeker says that NBC issued a statement on Friday insisting that the show had never planned to use the ”Cruci-fixins” joke or make Britney’s character a Christian, describing its own press release from three days earlier as ”erroneous.”

That hasn’t stopped the American Family Association, which complained about the episode, from claiming credit for the shift. After the Book of Daniel cancellation, the AFA now claims it’s 2 for 2 in making NBC blink via boycott threats. Um, Will & Grace is about to go off the air anyway; why would NBC worry about a loss of viewers or advertisers for the show?