The greatness of TLC's ''Beyond the Bull'' -- Five things we love about the bull riding reality series

The greatness of TLC’s ”Beyond the Bull”

It’s hard not to be a fan of a sport that counts a 1,900-pound beast named Bodacious among its legends. It’s even harder after watching TLC’s reality series Beyond the Bull (Thursdays, 10 p.m.), which follows three of the Professional Bull Riders’ top cowboys — two-time PBR world champion Adriano Moraes, ”Iron Man” J.W. Hart, and Aussie Brendon Clark — while they’re home on the range, at work in the dirt, and yes, under frequent medical supervision. Here are five reasons we’re hooked:

1 THE POST-RIDE TANTRUMS If a rider gets bucked off, he doesn’t score points. If he doesn’t score points, he doesn’t get paid. If he doesn’t get paid, his resulting rant will get the #@!* bleeped out of it by network censors. ” I got a little bit of a dirty mouth,” says Hart. ”I guess that’s my fault, not [the show’s]. All they done was push ‘record.’ ”

2 ADRIANO’S FONDNESS FOR PINK SHIRTS The Brazilian has known fear in the ring, but never in fashion. ”I’m one of the few guys that can wear pink,” he says confidently. ”And actually, pink is not gay — it’s just girly. But I think it goes good with my skin color.”

3 THE LOCKER ROOM TRASH TALK In bull riding, it’s not if you’ll get hurt, but rather when and how badly. ”If you’re serious all the time,” Clark says, ”it can get pretty scary. So if you can give a dig to your buddy and take his mind off it, you do it.” (Remember that when the episode featuring your spa visit airs, Brendon.)

4 J.W.’S UPCOMING NUPTIALS The first wedding present was a beef jerky maker. As for the ceremony, ”I was told not to be standin’ at the altar drunk,” Hart says, ”so I said, ‘I can do that.’ I had a hangover, but I wasn’t drunk.”

5 THE INJURIES Fine, we admit it — and we don’t even feel guilty about it! In fact, Moraes himself will tune in to watch his ankle break in the February 9 episode… assuming he figures out how to work his TiVo. ”My wife told me yesterday to try to fix it, and I was like, ‘I’m not gonna have a headache.”’ Right. Who needs that kind of pain?