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Dave Chappelle is finally ready to talk. We don’t know what he’ll say to Oprah when he appears on her show this afternoon for his first TV interview since his meltdown last spring, but it may be similar to what he said to James Lipton at a taping in December for the Feb. 12 episode of Inside the Actors Studio.

According to USA Today, he told Lipton he was frightened by his own fame. ”It’s a weird place to be. And there’s really no going back. You can’t get unfamous. You can get infamous but you can’t get unfamous. So I got scared. I’m not going to lie. I was scared to death.” As for his future plans, he told Lipton, ”I don’t know how this whole Dave Chappelle thing is going to end. I feel like I’m going to be some kind of parable — either what you’re supposed to do or not supposed to do. … I’m going to be a legend or just that tragic [expletive] story, but I’m going to go all the way. I’m eager to find out how this is going to resolve itself.” So are we, Dave. Here at PopWatch HQ, we’ll be checking out Chappelle’s chat with Oprah; look for our post-show analysis later this afternoon.

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