The remaining six designers got to show off their green thimbles by designing an outfit for a garden party using real plants. But when Runway wasn’t getting real about Daniel, Nick, and Andrae (shown) coming out this week’s episode was quite yawn-worthy.Why so few flowers? And so little color? To be fair, though, the judges didn’tfully appreciate what little time the contestants had — and the challenges involved in making a dress out of plant life. But at least they avoided the near-disaster of Austin Scarlett’s wilting corn-husk dress last season.

Our thoughts:

Santino I know we’ve had our differences, but how can you not love Santino — and his brilliant Tim Gunn impression? “Andrae, you really embarrassed me tonight at Red Lobster…We’re really gonna try to make this work,” Even Tim likes it! So, even though I’m glad the other contestants have warmed up to him too, not having anyone to hate makes this show boring.

Nick That said, Nick is really starting to irritate me. How much do you want to bet that Nick will still be whining about model/soulmate Tarah’s ouster next week? Ugh. If nothing else, his declarations of love are entertaining: “It was emotional. I really love her very much,” he blubbered. “And she was so kind and almost looked up to me.” Wait, what was that last part?

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Kara She just needs to go. While her hair instructions(“Fresh Park Avenue!Not stuffy Park Avenue!”) were possibly my highlight this week, and inspite of the judges’ compliments, I did not like Kara’s dress. Isuspect their praise was out of pity, relative to Kara’s past designdisasters. To me, her dress looked like a topiary corset crafted byEdward Scissorhands. And lemme tell you, Eddy was no fashion plate.

Chloe and Daniel My fave this week was Chloe’s prettypetal-leaf sundress — easily themost wearable of the designs. But I’ll accept Daniel’s win, if onlybecause he employed flowers. But could you imagine a more mundanefinale? Chloe’s designs are always reliable, if not predictable. Andwhile she did (spontaneously) ask the guys how they came out to theirparents, she’s done little to add any entertainment value to theprogram (read: she seems completely normal and well-adjusted).Similarly, I respect Daniel: He’s young and patently talented, butother than a revolving door of hairstyles and consistent performances,he doesn’t add much to the show. Last year, the judges were smart tokeep Wendy around until the end even though, in my opinion, she clearlydidn’t deserve it.

Andrae Alas, Tim and Andrae’s torrid love affair must end. Anoverconfident Andrae tempted fate by promising that he definitelywasn’t leaving this week. “My dress was very cute and chic and veryvery French,” he purred. Uh, really? Because I thought it looked like aputting green. Which brings us to Michael Kors’ Ouchie of the Week:”It’s not joyous… and she looks like a doormat,” he said of Andrae’ssod couture. (Ouchie.) We’ll miss you, Wide Eyes.

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