Actually, if you’re like me, you have no clue whom to pick as a favorite for the latest edition of Survivor, which debuts tonight on CBS. So I’ll rely on two of EW’s Survivor experts, my PopWatch colleague Mike Slezak and official Survivor maven (and EW writer) Dalton Ross:

Now, Slezak, whose profiles of all 16 contestants you should read before trying anything dangerous like singling out Survivor standouts, has already picked three favorites: astronaut Dan Barry, carpenter and angler Cirie Fields, and former high school jock Danielle DiLorenzo.

Ross, who knows all about the new ”Exile Island” punishment from having spent a horrific night on the isle himself, also cited Barry as one to watch, along with tattooed lawyer Bobby Mason, Dollywood alumna Melinda Hyder, and beauty pageant queen-turned-rocket scientist Misty Giles (pictured). The smart pick, I guess, would be the hardy space traveler who’s the consensus choice, but the Ashton Kutcher in me says that, for sheer entertainment value, I can’t miss with Misty — she’s both beauty and the geek!

Who’s your early favorite?

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