Reason No. 1 you won’t want to miss the opening moments of this year’s Grammys (CBS, Feb. 8, 8-11 pm): Madonna has signed on as the show’s opening number, and she’ll be dueting with ”virtual band” Gorillaz. Now while it can certainly be perilous to attempt a duet with an animated character (to wit: Rob Lowe and Snow White, Paula Abdul and MC Skat Kat, J.Lo and Marc Anthony), somehow I’m betting that Madge will find a way to make it look cool. Hey! I know! How about she concoct a cartoon version of herself to take the stage? MTV explains how Gorillaz did just that for the MTV Europe Awards last year.

What would you like to hear Madonna sing with Gorillaz? And, just as important, how should they appear on stage? Holla back!