Credit: Britney Spears: James Devaney/

To: Britney Spears
From: Casting Department, Will & Grace, NBC

Dear Celebrity:

Thanks for agreeing to appear on Will & Grace! You join a proud list of more than 1,000 celebrities who’ve guest-starred in self-parodying cameos on our show!

As is standard practice on W&G, our writers have cooked up a premise for you that will involve winking at your own personal history. In your case, Mrs. Federline, they’ve decided to poke fun at your long-since-abandoned assertions of Christian chastity and piety. Again, this is all in good fun, and you shouldn’t feel insulted when Jack (Sean Hayes) or Grace (Debra Messing) crack wise about your reality-show exhibitionism or your inexorable slide from pop superstar into Vegas lounge act.

For your participation, in addition to your fee, you will also receive the Will & Grace celebrity cameo gift bag we give to all our guests, which includes a nice collection of moisturizing products and an iPod pre-programmed with Megan Mullally’s album of show tunes and M&M jingles.

Thanks again, and have fun!

P.S. One ground rule: We do have to ask that our guests not bring any potentially distracting visitors to the set. In your case, that means you may bring adorable little Sean Preston, but please leave Kevin at home, lest he start singing ”PopoZao”. Again, have a good time!

*(Or, at least, this is how we imagine it might be…)