Credit: The Upside of Anger: Paul Chedlow

Somewhere Russell Crowe and Maria Bello are probably wondering what happened. As two of the main frontrunners for Oscar acting nods (him for Cinderella Man, her for A History of Violence) who didn’t hear their names called this morning when the full list of nominations were announced, they’re certainly near the top of the list of this year’s snubs.

For me, though, I was most disappointed the Academy failed to include The Constant Gardener in the Best Picture race (yeah, I know it was a longshot, but I’m still thinking about the harrowing film weeks after seeing it). A close second? No recognition for Joan Allen’s hilariously bitter performance in The Upside of Anger (pictured).

Okay, PopWatchers, I know we should probably just be positive and raise our morning caffeine in a toast to the happy 14 first-time acting nominees (yay, Jake!) and their cohorts, but since I allowed myself two packets of bitter complaint, why don’t you all do the same? Who are the two biggest snubs among the year’s Academy Award non-nominees?

(Also, vote in our annual Oscar Snubs Poll and get your peeps some justice!)

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