Jennifer Weiner’s book was a page-turner, so why is the film such a snooze? As dissimilar sisters — Maggie’s a learning-disabled sexpot, Rose is an emotionally impaired frump — Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette conjure believable sibling rivalry (Maggie boffing Rose’s beau while wearing Rose’s slouchy open-toed stiletto boots really stings). But even glamour grandma Shirley MacLaine can’t spice up this standard-issue chick flick.

EXTRAS Out-of-his-element director Curtis Hanson (8 Mile) illuminates some subtleties (a handheld camera captures Maggie’s ”looseness”; the art on Rose’s walls reflects loneliness), and hearing the bit players — actual Florida retirees — discuss acting is a kick. ”It got a little…irritating,” says one sassy senior. Still, 35 minutes of making-ofs are as skimpy as a faux-Manolo strappy sandal.

In Her Shoes
  • Movie
  • 130 minutes