So here’s the deal: I know a fair bit about movies. I’ve logged plenty of hours in front of the ol’ boob tube. I read a lot. (I do too!) But my taste in music is a little questionable. (Remember this?) But I wanted to give you guys a music question, so I asked around to find out what the kids are listening to, and it led me to this week’s question.

So what do Antony and the Johnsons, Badly Drawn Boy, Franz Ferdinand (pictured), Portishead, and Pulp have in common? They’ve all won England’s prestigious annual Mercury Prize, which “champions U.K. music by promoting the 12 albums of the year by British or Irish artists.”

Apparently you all knew that.

(Since I know how you all like seeing your names in print, here you go,accompanied, in some cases, by your cutting remarks about how easy thequestion was. [Sniff.] I bask in your reflected glory. After we emerge from the Oscar nominations over here at PopWatch HQ, we’ll all scratch our heads and try to come up with something more challenging for you.)

Antonio M. Alves
Sarah Baker (“oh, puh-leaze”)
Robin Benty
Jaron Birkan
Kenneth Boyle
Amanda Burns
Sean Campbell
David Carruth (“crown me already”)
Connie L. Chilton, my favorite Cavalier
James DeSimas (“a breeze” — Yes, I actually read all the responses, Jimmy Boy. You should see the bags under my eyes.)
Alex Desjarlais
Dan Devine
Viet Do
Tim Duffy (“might be a bit too easy”)
Alicia Ester
John Fedoryn
Robert Flax
Dan Forchheimer
Patricia Francisco
Rod Ganske
Robert Goldberg (“actually really pretty easy”)
Sharon Griffin
Danny Grinberg
Pete Heinzelmann
Madalyn Howitt (“this is easy”)
Matt LaPierre (“way too easy”)
Stewart Linegar
Dane Loizzo (“c’mon, any fans of Brit music know…”)
Kerin Lou
Charles Lupica
Matt Lyons
Scot Manning
Joseph McKinnie
Anthony Mertens (“duh!”)
Ron Mwangaguhunga
Heidi Nelson
Richard Nelson
Ed Nemmers
David Novero
Tonya Perrotto
Dave Quinn
Matty Roberts (“that one’s easy”)
Todd Routson
Matthew Ruud
Danielle Ryan
Jesse Saba
Michael Scott (“waaaaay too easy”)
Megan Sellmer
Charlie Smith (“easy-peasy”)
Karen Timkova (“that seems too obvious”)
Brianne Todd
Cecilia Tsang
Eric Valade (who added, “all five acts have yet to record a cover of “PopoZao” — heh)
Patrick A. Yearout