Credit: Nightmare on Elm Street: Everett Collection;Christensen,Miller: Jan Knapik/Richard Beetham/Splash News, Ledger,Schieffer: Splash News

You knew he was witty, urbane, and charming, but who knew that sharp-fingered Freddy Krueger (far left) was a fashion icon as well? Check out the familiar sweater sported by Hayden Christensen (second from left), photographed over the weekend on the Shreveport, La., set of Factory Girl. Spotted the next day wearing a suspiciously similar sweater (center) was Christensen’s Factory costar Sienna Miller (who — we know! — looks an awful lot like his girlfriend, Lola Skye). Heath Ledger (second from right) was photographed Sunday wearing similar stripes while brunching at a Los Angeles hotel. Even Claudia Schiffer (right), seen in London in October, was rocking a Krueger-like look. Let’s just hope Hayden, Sienna, Heath, and Claudia don’t all show up at some party all wearing the same set of stripes; that would really be a nightmare on Elm Street.