It’s getting down to the wire; Mira Sorvino is already asleep, getting some beauty ZZZs in before she has to get up before sunrise tomorrow to announce the Oscar nominees. So it’s your last chance, PopWatchers, to tell us who you think should be nominated.

Who actually will be nominated seems pretty easy to predict this year; at this point, I’m just hoping that in between the Brokebacks and Capotes and Crashes and Walk the Lines, the Academy voters find some room to recognize movies like Junebug (starring potential Best Supporting Actress nominee Amy Adams, pictured), Pride & Prejudice, The Squid and the Whale, A History of Violence, The Constant Gardener, The Upside of Anger, and Match Point.

Meanwhile, in Bizarro Hollywood, the Golden Raspberry nominations are out. Son of the Mask, a movie I wished I’d forgotten, tops the list of worsts, but the Razzies also gave multiple spankings to Jessicas Alba and Simpson, Hilary Duff, Will Ferrell, Jenny McCarthy’s Dirty Love, Paris Hilton, and Tom Cruise. Cruise is named twice in the new category of Tiresome Tabloid Targets; I fear the Razzies may be going too far afield in recognizing stars’ offscreen work, but then again, Cruise’s offscreen performance as ”Tom Cruise” was much more cringeworthy than his onscreen work this year. In fact, it’s the snark the Razzies direct at Cruise for his War of the Worlds performance that’s undeserved.

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