Who's making deals in the week of February 3, 2006 -- The biggest upcoming projects in entertainment

TELEVISION It’s just like the Monkees…if they were on hiatus…and half of them were MIA! ‘N Syncers/On the Line homies Joey Fatone and Lance Bass are developing a pilot for the net formerly known as UPN (see story on page 10). ”We’re playing ourselves,” says Fatone. ”Only, Lance is trying to do real estate, and I’m a fun bum living pretty well.” As for the likelihood of Justin Timberlake making a cameo: ”It’s possible. But [this show is about] us moving on. ‘N Sync was like college and now we’re trying to find out what to do with our lives.”

Good karma is contagious: NBC’s Thursday anchors, My Name Is Earl, starring Jason Lee, and The Office got 22-episode pickups for next season. But could Steve Carell’s sudden ginormity be an issue for The Office, which finishes season 2 in March so he can attend to his film career? ”Yes, I am rich,” he quips. ”The only problem I foresee is the resentful nature of the cast.” — Jennifer Armstrong