By Michael Slezak
January 27, 2006 at 08:37 PM EST

For its coveted post-Super Bowl airing on Feb. 5, Grey’s Anatomy will have an episode focusing on a “Code Black” at Seattle Grace Hospital. Show creator Shonda Rhimes will only say that ”it’s bad and it’s black and it’s a code,” but no matter, a Philadelphia Daily News story suggested an alternative source to get the scoop: Google! Here’s a few of the more compelling storyline possibilities the gargantuan search engine helped PopWatch imagine:

– George tries out a new cologne in an effort to spice up his love life.
– Izzie discovers the source of Alex’s hospital woes: He’s exhausted from moonlighting as a backup guitarist for a Vermont-based metal band.
– Burke and Cristina engage in a bitter argument over whether or not to invest in an Australasian marketing firm.
– McDreamy and Addison look for ways to protect their newly adopted pooch using, um, information.
– Meredith becomes addicted to watching a geometric Ringu-esque video on the Internet.