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Since my living-room DVR is only 89 percent full today, I figure I’ll have room for, say, at least two or three new series come this fall. Here’s my fuzzy-mathematical peek at a few pilots the networks will be mulling in the coming months:

A) Saturday Night Live + Sports NightFriends + The Hughleys = Matthew Perry (pictured), D.L. Hughley, and Steven Weber cast in Aaron Sorkin’s pricey NBC pilot about backstage drama at a hit sketch-comedy series

B) Everybody Loves Raymond + The Larry Sanders ShowCurb Your Enthusiasm = Jeff Garlin‘s TBS comedy-variety pilot from Raymond producer Phil Rosenthal

C) Sisters + Related ÷ Alias = Brothers & Sisters, a potential ABC drama with Ron Rifkin as the uncle of a group of siblings

D) 24 x Boston PublicBoomtown = Chi McBride in an ABC pilot about the lives of nine folks held hostage during a bank robbery

E) Brokeback Mountain x Close To Home + EverwoodMajor Dad = Sheriff Luke, ABC’s pilot from Golden Globe-winning writers Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana, about a widower raising two kids and fighting crime in a Midwestern town

Which show are you most likely to watch,PopWatchers?

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addCredit(“Matthew Perry: Luis Martinez/AP”)

While none of these pilots actually sound too bad to me, I’m probablymost jazzed about options A. and E. The latter has a pretty lame title,giving a slight edge to the Sorkin show in my own personal Excit-o-meter.