Steven Soderbergh's radical strategy -- The ''Bubble'' director talks about his idea to revolutionize movie film distribution

Just because his latest film, Bubble, debuts on DVD and high-definition cable TV the same time it opens in theaters (Jan. 27), don’t think Steven Soderbergh is trying to put the multiplex out of business. Actually, the Ocean’s Twelve director thinks that digital distribution can revolutionize cinemagoing even while it gives audiences more options for how they see movies. Below, his top three reasons why:

MORE CLASSICS ”The ease of uploading a film onto a server would mean that a theater in Indiana could show the Godfather films [to] a whole generation of moviegoers who’ve never seen them on a big screen. ‘This weekend, Godfather and Godfather II at the AMC Whatever.”’

NOW PLAYING Live concerts. ”Some forward-thinking band decides, ‘We’re going to shoot our big concert and beam it out in hi-def to Regal Cinemas.’ This Saturday: the kickoff of the U2 tour!”

STUDIO-FREE FILMS ”I could save enough money to make a movie and just go directly to the theater chain and strike a deal with them, using whatever value my name has. For a filmmaker that has any sort of entrepreneurial aspect to their DNA, that could be really fun.”