Rilo Kiley members branch out -- Reviewing two new albums from the indie-pop group's Jenny Lewis and Blake Sennett

Rabbit Fur Coat

Rilo Kiley members branch out

Putting their indie-pop group Rilo Kiley on hold, Jenny Lewis and Blake Sennett step out with a pair of gorgeous country-tinged CDs. Consider Lewis the Emmylou Harris of the Silverlake set, her exquisite voice masking smart, tart lyrics that question God and poke at politicians, while the Kentucky-born Watson Twins turn out bluegrass-style harmonies on Rabbit Fur Coat. Sennett’s Elected aren’t as twang-obsessed, though he has a similar rural, pastoral pop vision. With its airy harmonies, nature narrative, and weeping slide guitars, Sun, Sun, Sun is the sound of a kid with his feet on Hollywood Boulevard and his head in the Sierras. Rabbit: A- Sun: B+

Rabbit Fur Coat
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