Letters from our readers -- Check out the readers who agreed with us, and those who didn't

Letters from our readers

Jack Attack

”You can’t kill Jack!” I have been saying that since rumors started that it was a possibility. 24 is my favorite show, and the main reason is Kiefer Sutherland. He has always been great, but last season his versatility really came through, as he showed so much vulnerability, even through his tough exterior. He is a talented actor who does not get enough recognition, and he’s sexy, too. The picture of him in the tux with the gun captured his mysterious confidence perfectly. I hope they don’t kill Jack. That would be a sad day for me as a fan and for the future success of 24 as well. For now, I am just thrilled that Jack is back!
Oceanport, N.J.

Thanks for the great article on 24 (”Midseason TV Preview”). Every time I see a commercial for the new season, my heart skips a few beats and I gasp for air and let out a girly scream in excitement. Nothing gets the adrenaline flowing like the sound of that clock every Monday perpetually ticking off the minutes to the top of the hour.
Columbus, Ind.

‘Mountain’ Woman

I have followed Michelle Williams’ accomplished work since her role on the teen soap Dawson’s Creek. Ms. Williams gave a heart-wrenching, gutsy portrayal of an adolescent who was actually a complex individual, giving that show a sense of realism it otherwise lacked. Since her stint on the series, Williams has gone on to do commendable work in films as varied as Dick, The Baxter, and Me Without You. Thank you, EW, for recognizing this formidable young starlet (”Even Cowboys’ Wives Get the Blues”), and for not letting her male costars in Brokeback Mountain unfairly receive all of the acclaim for the film’s great success.
San Francisco

Toast to the Host

Your critique of New Year’s Rockin’ Eve was disgraceful (News & Notes). My family and I did not find Dick Clark to be ”cringe-inducing”; we applauded him for exuding a richness of spirit, strength, and courage that extended far beyond mere physical presence, and we look forward to ringing in many more years with him.
New York City

Club Med

Thank you, Gillian Flynn, for your on-the-money assessment of Scrubs (Television). The unique hilarity of the show is that it can make me laugh so hard while I simultaneously wonder why it is so funny. What sounds stupid on paper (J.D. gets chest hands!) is magic on screen. I too was worried that Zach Braff would not be able to pull off the innocent goofiness of J.D. anymore, but that vanished with the episode where he tries to finish a triathlon before turning 30! I am a bit torn, though: While I enjoy NBC currently giving us a weekly double shot of Scrubs, what will I do when the season runs out in half the time?
Cambridge, Ontario

‘Girls’ Gone Wild

I was delighted to see Gilmore Girls, my favorite show, included in your ”Frustration-o-Meter” (Television) because, let’s face it, this season has been a roller-coaster ride. However, I was disappointed to see you left out the show’s one major frustration: Luke Danes has a long-lost daughter?! That came out of nowhere. I’m frustrated! And I’m sure his fiancée Lorelai will be too when she finds out.
Honeybrook, Pa.

CORRECTIONS: Unpredictable is not Jamie Foxx’s debut album. He debuted with 1994’s Peep This (Music). The photograph accompanying the review of Yellowcard’s new album does not reflect the band’s current lineup, which is: Ryan Key, Sean Mackin, Ryan Mendez, Pete Mosely, and Longineu Parsons III (#860, Music).