Do we need a new ''Four Weddings and Funeral'' DVD? -- Rating the revamped version of the Hugh Grant romantic comedy

Do we need a new ”Four Weddings and Funeral” DVD?

The romantic comedy that reveled in Hugh Grant’s charm, W.H. Auden’s emotion, and the exclamatory power of ”Bugger!” marks its silk anniversary with the Four Weddings and a Funeral: Deluxe Edition.

SOMETHING OLD The cast further proves its comic mettle in deleted scenes. Informed that the bride’s father is hard of hearing, guests bellow receiving-line compliments to the increasingly irritated, hearing-unimpaired groom’s father.

SOMETHING NEW Simon Callow (boisterous, Scottish-dance-lovin’ Gareth) recalls in ”The Wedding Planners,” one of three making-of docs, that Ian McKellen sent him a postcard saying that Gareth (who dies of a heart attack, not AIDS) did 100 times more for homosexuals than Philadelphia.

SOMETHING BORROWED, SOMEONE BLUE Among the many tales shared in the retrospectives and filmmakers-only commentary, Grant admits that he, then an up-and-coming star, was so devastated after seeing an ”embarrassing, unfunny” 25-minute rough cut that he ”had to be helped virtually sobbing back onto the set.”

WORTH A SECOND LOOK? Yes, compared with the extras-less original. But next time, liven it up with cast commentary and a map of the stunning churches.

Four Weddings and a Funeral
  • Movie
  • 117 minutes