Sarah Jones (Writer), Bridge & Tunnel (Stage - 2006)
Credit: Sarah Jones: Paul Kolnik

Bridge & Tunnel (Stage - 2006)


Have you met Miss Jones? After a sold-out seven-month run Off Broadway in 2004, writer/performer/whirlwind Sarah Jones has finally brought Bridge & Tunnel, her stellar ode to the immigrant experience, to the (ahem) Great White Way, and there couldn’t be a better ambassador for Broadway. The jewel-box-like Helen Hayes Theatre has been transformed — love the shoddy strings of colored lights — into a café in Queens (Jones’ hood) for a multicultural poetry slam. Our host for the evening? A pun-prone Pakistani accountant (”part Alexander Block, part H&R Block”) named Mohammed Ali — played by Jones, sporting an ill-fitting jacket and a jolly demeanor. The first poet? Shaky-handed Long Island granny Lorraine Levine — Jones again, this time in a supremely garish sweater and oversize glasses. In fact, the lanky, eminently likable actress portrays more than a dozen denizens of America’s melting pot by simply swapping clothing and modulating her rich, raspy voice. But whether Jones is channeling a wheelchair-bound Mexican mourner or a demure Jordanian wife, one thing is constant: her roof-raising talent.

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Bridge & Tunnel (Stage - 2006)
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