Entertainment Weekly's list of the top 30 sports movies on DVD inspired many of you to write in -- about what we left off, about what we SHOULD have left off, and more
Credit: Rudy: Everett Collection

Our picks for the top 30 sports DVDs (from Entertainment Weekly’s issue No. 851) attracted more than 80 letters — not surprising, considering how strongly our readers feel about (1) movies, (2) sports, and (3) lists in general. Rudy not making the cut generated the greatest outrage, and several of you wondered what Better Off Dead was doing there. (To the three of you who yearned for Happy Gilmore, Shaolin Soccer, and Over the Top, let’s just say everyone has a right to their own personal favorites.) To thank you for your characteristic passion, a response to your response:

‘Rudy’ (pictured; 1993)

”As a true, blue-and-gold, ‘wearin’ of the green’ Notre Dame fan, I felt like somebody peed in my Lucky Charms after reading your article.” — Chris McVetta, Cleveland, Ohio

Like the Fighting Irish themselves, the heartwarming true tale of Daniel Ruettiger has devout disciples and dismissive haters. Its merits were hotly debated by the EW staff (Yes, there was more than one ”Rudy” chant): The Notre Dame mystique comes alive and the football scenes score, but Rudy‘s clumsy and contrived subplots ultimately kept it on the bench. If our best sports DVDs list had gone to 31, Rudy probably would’ve made it. — Jeff Labrecque