Not that PopWatch wants to spend too much time focusing on alleged celebrity romances, but this shot of Liza Minnelli’s ex-husband, David Gest, out on the town with rapper Da Brat seems ripe for our third installment of Beat This Caption.

Your Wednesday contributions for our Brangelina photo ranged from flattering (”So hot they have been Ray Ban-ned in several foreign countries,” from Nicky) to damning (Bass’ ”Too bad they can’t adopt some talent”) to innocuously amusing (”Clairol color 48-Brangelina Black,” courtesy of Shane).

But not everyone was impressed. Take PopWatcher Karen, for example, who threw down the gauntlet with this comment: ”The one problem with this contest? Everyone thinks they’re funny, and they’re not.”

Oh-no-she-did-in’t! Actually, yes she did. So c’mon folks, it’s time to raise your games, pull out your punchiest puns, and give Karen something to laugh about this weekend by — wait for it! — beating this caption:

That’s Da-ranged.

addCredit(“David Guest and Da Brat: Matt Twist/X17”)